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Children T-shirt size table 

SizeWidth (cm) Height (cm)
3  years3245
4 - 5 years3549
- 8 years3953
10 -12 years4357

Women T-shirt size table

Size Width (cm) Height (cm)
34 / S3858
36 / M4059
38 / L4361

Men T-shirt size table 

Size Width (cm) Height (cm)
38 / M4869
40 / L5271
42 / XL5673
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¿How do I measure?

  1. Take a meter and measure the perimeter of your chest.
  2. Divide by two the measurement result to know the width.Take a shirt that best fits you and measure your length from the bottom end up your shoulder height.
  3. With both results, look in the table row with the width and height that are closer to them. Yey! The size in that row is yours!