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What is Manada Live app?

Manada Live is a free mobile app for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices.

This is an essencial app to make the T-shirs and accesories by Manada Live work and to ger you can see the Augmented Reality (AR).

How does it work?

Open the app and press the camera. You must focus your Manada Live T-shirt desing at a distance of up to 1 metre.

Why can't I see the image in the camera? 

  1. Maybe because you are focusing the 3D T-shirt or product from a long distance. Approach your design until the app can capture it.  
  2. Also, It could not work because your T-shirt is wrinkled. Pull it before focus it with the app.
  3. Poor lighting and shadow make difficult to capture the AR images. Focus your Manada Live product in light places. 
  4. The natural aging process of the material (textile, plastic...) distorts the designs. Read the care advices to a perfect conservation. 

Where can I see the images?

  1. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can see the photos iin the picture gallery of your device or in the gallery of the own app.
  2. If you have an Android device, you can see the photos in the app photo gallery.